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Virtual Balance Business Support administration specialist Charlene Cabral

Remote Business Solutions

We work with
Sole Traders and Business owners
within the service industry.

Helping you to focus on growing your business

Managing your business administration is critical to the success of your business operations.

But can take up valuable time and effort, and is essentially time spent completing unpaid work.​

Partnering with Virtual Balance to take care of your administration can be an effective strategy to support the growth of your business, saving you time and money along the way.


​Less time spent juggling the multitude of administration tasks means more time dedicated to core operations and your clients.

As business owners, we build our business with a goal in mind.

We have specialised skillsets and want to capitalise on those skills, while benefitting others,

by providing those services to your clients. 

We understand the vision of owning your own business, the freedom of working for yourself

and having your ideal work-life balance while earning a living doing what you're passionate about. 

This is absolutely possible.

If you keep up with managing your business and daily administration,

as well as working in your business.

Your business won't run itself, but you are burning yourself out trying to do it all.

That's where Virtual Balance comes in.

As an Australian virtual assistant based in Cairns, North Queensland,

we provide a professional, reliable and efficient service, with local knowledge to support business owners across Australia.

Providing Administration Support to help you Balance your workload.

NOW IS THE TIME to make your business work for you and create the lifestyle you want.

If you are not keeping up with your day to day admin, or you are spending time doing it  after hours, or when you should be with clients, then your business is not working for you.

We specialise in 

By choosing Virtual Balance you can benefit from


You only pay for the time and support you need

Working with a Virtual Balance removes the costs association with regular employees 

(payroll tax, superannuation, leave entitlements, workers compensation)


You get the support only when you need the services, allowing you to scale your business up or down quickly.

Working with Virtual Balance gives you the advantage of utilising the internet and other available resources  so that you can work smarter, not harder.

Being virtual, location is not a factor as we can be based anywhere within Australia.

Virtual Assisstants can offer flexibility with work hours.


Virtual Balance can perform your non-core tasks giving you more time to focus on growing your business, rather than spending your time on the daily operations.

Working with Virtual Balance can give you more time to spend with your family and friends, and doing the things you most enjoy.

What our clients say

Lara Baker - Mindful Therapy Cairns

Charlene has been so helpful with my business, getting my website refreshed, Facebook and all other admin tasks I didn't have time to do.
Charlene is super professional, well priced and efficient. If you have a business and are bogged down with admin tasks, contact Virtual Balance Business Support.

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