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We aim to provide a reliable and affordable solutions to assist our clients to maintain, develop and grow your business. 

We understand that our clients needs are unique to their own business, consequently, we feel a 'one size fits all' fee structure is not the most beneficial.


Our fees are tailored to suit your business goals and requirements. Whether you need 5 hours per month or 35 hours per month. You might have 1 large project or a number of large projects that you need completed.

We offer the following fee structures which, after your discovery call we will determine the most suitable structure and provide a detailed proposal of the services we can provide.

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Pay As You Go price fees

PAYG is a great option if you're looking for flexibility to receive support without commitment, for example, you have the odd task that you need done or only need assistance every now and then with general administration tasks.

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If you are looking for ongoing support, Prepaid Packages are a great choice offering guaranteed weekly or monthly hours or blocks of time, starting from 5 hours. If you want to hand over the admin side or have the flexibility of altering which tasks are outsourced based on current needs. 

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Our Fixed Price or Outcome based options are best suited to clients that need particular tasks completed on an ongoing basis, are looking for support for  larger or unusual projects  such as Websites, Online footprint, Creative Services etc, which are often one-off requirements.

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