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What even is a VA?

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Virtual Assistant - you keep hearing this term, but what is a VA and why should you hire one for your business?

As a business owner, you may be hearing more and more about Virtual Assistants, also known as VAs, or you know other business owners that have a VA for their business.

Sounds interesting, but what is a Virtual Assistant?

With the ever-growing transition to remote working solutions and the desire for flexible options to create a better work-life balance, the Virtual Assistant industry is rapidly expanding.

To put it simply, a Virtual Assistant (or VA) is any person or business that provides business-to-business services on a contractual basis. Rather than employing staff who manage many varying functions within a business, adding the services of a VA allows business owners the ability to have support with operations and specialised tasks as needed.

While you focus on your clients, you're VA can manage your day-to-day.

Don't virtual assistants just do basic admin tasks?

There is often a misconception surrounding VAs, that they only provide basic administration and may not be qualified to perform high-level functions.

It is true that as the VA industry is growing and as it is an unregulated industry, there are contractors offering services with no qualifications or experience, with the belief that this is an easy side hustle to make some quick cash.

For that reason, it's so important to know who you are engaging to support your business.

An established VA will run a professional business with a dedicated office space and have implemented measures to ensure the quality and security of your business operations.

Some things to look for when choosing your VA are;

  • Professional business presence

  • Insurance

  • Internet security

  • Service Agreements

  • Experience and Expertise get what you pay for.

A quality, professional VA will charge their worth and are worth what they charge.

You may find a cheaper option or think you can only afford an offshore VA, but cheaper prices usually mean lower quality services, slow response time, little experience or understanding of business and less incentive to deliver a high-quality service

A Virtual Assistant provides specialised services consistent with their qualifications and skills. Many business owners employ the services of multiple VAs based on their needs and the skills required.

Some of the professionals that can help you manage your business ⬇️

When employing staff in your business, it is easy for lines to be blurred when defining roles.

Business Administration Specialists can support you with all of your daily operations and will also provide specialised assistance with business documents, and systems, overseeing the administration of the business, assisting with projects, client and records management and may also branch into other specialised areas.

Administration Assistants usually assist with clerical tasks such as data entry, inbox management, scheduling appointments, calendar management and reception.

Bookkeepers handle the financials of the business, payroll, managing GST reporting, monitoring cash flow, and preparing reports and BAS. It is important to note that when engaging a contract bookkeeper, to perform any services which relate to GST, or are considered a BAS function, they must be a registered BAS Agent.

Online Business Managers and Practice Managers often work with businesses with teams and larger annual turnover. They work alongside the business owner to oversee business activities. They cover aspects such as team coordination, business planning, strategies, goal setting and priorities, project management and strategic marketing management.

Many other VAs such as Social Media Managers, Event planners, copywriters and Web Developers transition from employed positions to specialise in these fields.

Why hire a virtual assistant?

A VA can be the backbone of your business, giving you the space and time you need to spend with your clients, increase your cash flow and create the life you want.

A professional VA works in partnership with you and while helping you keep on top of your business administration, they can also identify issues or improvements that can be made.

You get the support of another set of eyes and somebody to bounce ideas off. Someone who wants your business to be as successful as you do.

You get the full support of having another team member, as well as the flexibility to scale up or down as needed. You only pay for what you need.

Getting the support of a VA is an investment in you and your business.

Have a look at our services and packages and book in for a free introductory call to discuss how Virtual Balance can support you and your business.


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